A bike, and peace of mind.
All for one monthly price.

  • Everything you need, including a bell, lock, and lights
  • Maintenance and theft protection included
  • Cancel any month, no minimum term

How it Works

  • Sign up

    Click "Get Started" or contact us and we'll contact you to sign up.

  • Pick up your bike

    Schedule a time and we'll hand the bike to you.

  • Ride!

    Keep your bike, and use it to ride wherever and whenever you want.

  • Return

    When you're done, simply schedule a time and we'll come pick it up.

Why Vélodel?

Don't Worry About Theft

We do everything we can to make sure your bike isn't stolen. If it is, we'll work with you to report it and get you back on a new bike as soon as possible.

Easy Pickup

We'll deliver right to your door at whatever time works best for you.

Easy Return

When you go for co-op or are ready to pack up for the winter, we'll pick your bike up from wherever you are.

Quick Maintenance

Our bikes are incredibly durable, but if something does go wrong repair it at no cost so that you can get going as fast as possible.

Comfortable and Durable

All of our bikes have upright seating to keep you comfortable. They're not just built to carry you, but also your groceries and school supplies.

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We're the first of our kind in Waterloo, so there's bound to be questions. Here are some of the most common ones we've gotten so far.

How can I sign up for the service?

Thank you for your interest in our service! You can register through our registration page. After completing the registration, we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a time and location for bike delivery.
We ask your payment information during the sign-up process to verify your payment details. Don't worry, your subscription payments will start after you have received your bike.

How does the payment schedule work?

Your first subscription payment will be charged on a pro-rata basis. Subsequent payments are due in advance at the beginning of each month for the entire month.

What do I do if my bike is lost or stolen?

We understand how stressful this can be, but don't panic. If you can’t find it, we’ll help you get a replacement.
Contact us as soon as you lose the bike so we can verify that you have locked your bike, allocate enough time to help you fill out a police report, and set you up with a new bike. We will charge one month’s subscription fee as the lost bike fee if these are done.

What do I do if my bike is broken or something is wrong with my bike?

Contact us at info@velodel.ca and we will help you get a working bike as soon as possible.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We'll be sad to see you go and hope you enjoyed the ride! To return the bike and move on with your journey, please contact us at info@velodel.ca before the 15th day of the month you wish to cancel. We will schedule a return time and location with you to pick up the bike.
Please schedule a return slot with us at least 5 days in advance and hand it before the 5th day of the month following the termination of the subscription.

Can I book a test ride?

Certainly! Let us know at info@velodel.ca and we will schedule a test ride for you.

Contact Us

Have any questions that aren't answered here?
Just want to chat about biking?
Contact us at info@velodel.ca